São Roque House

The project was developed according to a contemporary architectural philosophy, adopting a volumetric concept whose linearity and purity aim to reorganize the structure of the garden and existing constructions that characterize the site to be intervened.

The property features an old summer house, a belvedere, and a porch inserted in a large and interesting garden, whose characteristics needed to be maintained and qualified.

The proposed architectural solution materializes in a built structure that relates to the surrounding landscape, in a perspective of integration as a whole. The house’s implantation takes advantage of the sun exposure, which provides adequate natural lighting to the interior spaces, especially in social living areas, enhancing unique views of the garden. In order to reinforce the idea of privacy, pedestrian and vehicular accesses to the property are located near the southern limit, bordering the regional road.

Regarding the volumetric composition, the house is implanted on a flat base at ground level along a longitudinal axis parallel to the length of the property, only intersected by a plane resting on the proposed volume to create an outdoor living area, minimizing the volumetric impact of the proposed construction.

The organization of the interior spaces follows a sequential functional logic through an ordered path that develops longitudinally along the property, starting with the parking area and technical areas near the entrance to the property, moving to a storage and laundry area, followed by the kitchen, social bathroom, common room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and finally, a suite with a closet, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

Governo Açores + Açores 2020 + Portugal 2020 + União Europeia