Ponta Delgada , Açores
Lagoa House

The proposed architectural solution aims at the construction of a single-family house, type T3, intended for permanent housing, developed on just one floor, with a garden area and a farm space in its surroundings, as well as the construction of an agricultural support annex. .

The study was developed according to a contemporary architectural philosophy, based on a functional program that aims to create the necessary conditions to provide an experience adjusted to everyday requirements. According to the work methodology, a prior analysis was carried out to recognize the general characteristics of the land to be intervened and its surroundings, in order to propose an adequate solution to the potentialities of the same.

The land is characterized by a gently sloping and regular slope towards the west quadrant, where several clusters of volcanic rock are based, which strongly characterize the place where an intervention is inserted. We also intend to emphasize the perimeter walls of the land, sinuous and with a strong contrast between the gray and black of the volcanic rock.

A dematerialized volumetric design was adopted, consisting of a set of pure volumes and dry stone walls interconnected by a horizontal plane. Through its linearity and purity, it was intended to intervene in the territory, praising its characteristics, namely its morphological irregularity guided by rocky outcrops. The proposal follows a longitudinal axis parallel to the length of the property only intersected by an outdoor living area with a swimming pool, minimizing the volumetric impact of the construction.

It was intended to materialize a construction that would relate to the surrounding landscape, from a perspective of overall integration, reinforcing the idea of ​​continuity between the interior space and a surrounding green area outside. Taking advantage of the sun exposure, the implantation of the house provides an interior-exterior relationship that allows good natural lighting of the interior spaces, namely in the social areas and takes advantage of the unique views over the surrounding land.

Regarding the external arrangements, it was decided to create routes using volcanic gravel, maintaining the existing tree species.

Governo Açores + Açores 2020 + Portugal 2020 + União Europeia