Galeria House

The architectural intervention proposal aims at the rehabilitation/expansion of a building, mostly vacant, where Fonseca Macedo – Arte Contemporânea operated, proposing the construction of a tourist complex, in the typology of 4-star tourist apartments .

The development consists of 9 accommodation units, distributed in a property from the end of the 19th century, inserted in the urban fabric of the city of Ponta Delgada, complemented by the comfort of an area of common equipment, in which the exhibition area stands out under the guidance of art by Fonseca Macedo – Contemporary Art.

The property has two street fronts, one for Rua Dr. Guilherme Poças Falcão and another for Rua da Boavista. The integration of the existing building on Rua Dr. Guilherme Poças Falcão is created through a new interior spatial organization, according to the required program, and through the recovery of the exterior walls, balcony and arches of the rear façade, which seek a balance between what exists and the associated spatial constraints. Meanwhile, the building facing Rua da Boavista was completely demolished, in order to allow the introduction of a new structure that will provide for the construction of a parking area and technical support areas.

The maintenance of the inner courtyard serves as an aggregator point for the entire building, forming part of the exhibition area where the intervention of the artist Maria Ana Vasco Costa creates a unique and sensorial experience of the space.

The main entrance to the tourist resort is projected from Rua Dr. Guilherme Poças Falcão for a reception space with a connection to the exhibition area, which articulates with the concept of disseminating contemporary art with tourism. Thus, on floor 0, the entrance with reception comprises a service area, living room, office, luggage storage, support pantry and art exhibition area. Access to the garage, on the same floor, is made from Rua da Boavista, with capacity for 3 vehicles, being a place for the use of disabled people. On this floor there is also a general storage room, toilet facilities for users, changing rooms and toilet facilities for employees, cleaning storage and a garbage area.

On the upper floors are the accommodation units, a pantry per floor, gym and spa consisting of men’s and women’s changing rooms, technical area, sauna, Scottish shower, Turkish bath, solarium and swimming pool for adults and swimming pool for children.

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